Sunday, September 18, 2011

he had his set of ideals and aspirations just like any other would.
Lincoln that is. Ideas set on a much brighter horizon than blood stained clouds of a war tore adolescent country. Judgement and clouded closed minds of future thinkers can only twist the vine so far in the name of their good but yet still very ill intentions.

Fear the most valuable tool in the weak spirited ones arsenal. History bleeds for the injustices bestowed in her ugly name. Times for the forgotten are in no need of revenge, that only puts chaos back in bed and at the side of the order and laws of nature which dawns the age of hope and prosperity.

Back to the memory of a man who at his time did his best to give up a life he maybe cherished for the start of an unraveling of liberties robes for all to hold onto. A battle which still to this day wages on an on due the short comings of humanity and it's lust for race to the pinnacle of life's triangle.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mid summers rabble

Words are only worth a bounty
Behind the cloth and velvet frank waits
The truth to be known is worthless in their eyes.

Like a spike inside the tongues of
a salvo you hide. Hide from Ego that is killing all that is left.

Hunting and gathering will gain nigh,
In the hindsight spilled out from the elders mouth.
Frank waited for an eternity which was really only 5 measly minutes.

Spoiled eggs and dreams
are all that is left when everything is all said and done. Still said ego grows.


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