Sunday, May 10, 2009

into the night, we are.

the ship is sinking, and for the lack of better words..
it would be safe to say we were never looking for love.
on the shoreline the two of us sat watching it unfold like
a paper game to be played by a couple of middle school love-byrds.

She told a tale of fairy-tale mystery, while he sold a
dream filled with hope and despair, only for a moving picture show
of what is.. to at a later said date to reveal this was always bullshit.

History tells us that being years ahead will only get you so far.

.......and that you can only hide behind these words for so long,
before any lack of proper grammar and courage comes around to
fight back.

so to set sail unto the blackened seas without a plotted chart,
would leave us with a empty heart again.

I alone am not enough, and you in the hands of those who do not care are never
a resolve. Such ah untimely distance is the reasonably answer for those
which seek none.

Funny how the words of a simple term care strike like the lighting that lets the
fire burn, while the edge is a comfort you seek... and years ago to the day he was
already there and like the miles between they were only inches on the map.

Friday, May 8, 2009

If only in tomorrow.

Hate to find out after living a life with no regrets, that there is.

Only to find I was a fool for my own demise.

You were there, there the last time I was on a knee crying out for mercy, oh mercy me.

Yes I was a fool for the games of the weak hearted.

One can only wish that under the stars of tonite, you'll be sleeping in the arms that which are stronger than my own.

With lost love's remorse, they weep for the empty glass.. For the empty leap's of faith.

And I find funny these can't be my words, cause I'd never have the nerve to speak 'em.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Waking up somewhere else

Where too start, with so many things falling apart at the seams. It becomes harder to think straight let alone find words to make sense of any of this. You see the abilty to go on with blind faith is like all of those empty " thank you's " and " good morning's " and heaven forbid let us not leave the best of them all... " I love you's ". So with that which has or has to be said, well shit nevermind lost my train if thought.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Inventing the wine.

For the words that maybe better left on paper. And the night which we gave the last chance to breathe under water.

Now typecasting in a role that is laughable at best. Counting the cars of a passing train like sheep right before this car wreck transports the dead into the living.

With all of the sharks still chasing the smell of blood. You keep smiling while choking on your own tears.

After times spent far away in spaces and places, this is still the same old game. The only difference now is the stench of desperation.

So the child sat by the fire, with dreams of today were only here for yesterday.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The fire for

Like the game laying wounded on the forest floor, how could a starving man justify this as a meal worth eating.

Yet even when the hunt grows into a mound of bullshit set up by the lame man who had little to no standards.

It was only a romatic dream shared for the slightest of time.. So bleed to death.

Like the sounds of a beating drum this warmachine keeps on fleeting like the timid soliders who were fighting a war that was never their own.

Bleed! Bleed to a death that will never be understood, for your debt must be paid.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


The silence is growing like another monster that feeds on your well engineered plans.

Pushing the dagger deeper, these are merely tools to be tossed aside at the first sign of recovery.

Again all the words in the world can not help us from drowning in the desert.

To take back the coma is only a compermise for the idle work of the demons at play.

He has always been the honest hard working man the wolrd made him, yet still there is a need for more hellish trials.

Now with the nest in a full on fury, the restless are still in search for a remedy, a

Hold on through the late nite bombing and the dawns early sound of gunfire, just suck it up they say.. We know how it is..

With steadfast blame, wait for this storm to pass and die before the next winters pain resides.

-- Post From My iPhone

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raise your hands before. Wash them when you are dead.

Let us get the facts right from the start
With all these hands tied and in the air
You have always been ready to pull the trigger.

Simple sicence tells a tale of failure wrapped up in 1950 like mentality.

With the white flag raised, you still held steady and took dead aim at easy target
Let me  make sense where there is
None to be made

Simply history wrote a story of pride
From the love they gave us.

Let yourself tell the world he was wrong
For even trying. The party knows best.
One with Strong will can never be
Meant fit their mold

Simple debate only left us a tale of lost
Love, a love that should've never been

Monday, March 30, 2009

Making friends 4 enemies.

Let's cut through all the red tape.

and settle on making friends 4 enemies.

It has been ten long years 4 this to see the light

with 7 spent wandering in the desert, drinking like it was the last drop.

and a few more living by the sea trying like hell to dry up.

this  poor boy has found something worth saying again.

they are guessing upon how giving into reality

sets one on a course for a third place finish.

after the flames grew too warm in the kitchen.

Funny how being hellbent on destiny,

can provoke you to give up on your dreams and aspirations.

let  me shake out the mystery, and ponder 

on about how i'll always end up being half the man 

after this poor boy gives away the world.

Now again let us cut down the caution

and settle on making friends for enemies.

As this story of hardship and goodtimes unfolds

like the dusty old pillow that we lay our pretty little heads on.

they ask how now we can stop the bleeding so fast.

and with the lack of proper training was it worth the weight.

we can second guess until the cows come home

about the drive to never find what we really want.

after all maybe life is better on the back burner.

So I see no humor in fate,

and how the selfish need to follow the pack.

even if it is seemingly the right thing to do.

I guess a man who never takes a knee to the world,

shall always  keep foolishly giving more than receiving.

So step through the danger,

and settle on making friends for enemies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sorted details.

well i guess it would be juvenile for me to sit down and write some bullshit 
pop ass art song about us..
And how the story has been told a hundred times over

Funny how sitting here looking fifty feet up at what i thought was rock bottom,
and we have nobody to blame but ourselves, for all the the times we gave-up.

So how can we bypass the cliches and get right to the point..
we are in no shape for loving or loneliness, but we still tried to stumble through the car wreck.

And now even if the story is almost over

Humor can be found in the second round you beat him to the finish-line,
and he has no one to blame but himself, for all the times he spent dreaming

Thursday, March 12, 2009

these are the lyrics i/m working for this track i/m working on via..